Lamb Kabsa

3h 40 min 4-6 servings

2 peeled & chopped onions

2 tablespoon of Lurpak butter

1 lamb thigh on the bone, cleaned and cut into 4 cm pieces

2 tablespoons tomato puree

4 tablespoons Kabsa spices

½ teaspoon salt

7 cups of boiled water

3 cups rice soaked for 2 hours & draine



4 tablespoons of Lurpak butter

100 gr cashew nuts

100 gr pine nuts

100 gr golden raisins

100 gr almonds, boiled, peeled and cut into half

50 gr of raw, chopped pistachios (not to be fried)

Lamb Kabsa


Cook the onions, lamb, salt, tomato puree and Kabsa spices with butter for 10 min on high heat, mixing them well. Add boiling water and let it simmer for 3 hours

Drain the meat sauce and set aside.

Fry each of the nuts separately in Lurpak butter and set aside             

Now add rice and 6 cups of meat sauce, bringing it to a boil. Let it simmer for 25 min until the rice is fully cooked. Spread the cooked rice in a serving dish, arranging meat pieces on top and garnishing with fried nuts & freshly chopped pistachios. Serve hot. 

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