Image Segment

This is subheading of Image segment You can add link to this segment

This is Rich-text segment

This is a subheading of Rich-Text Segments


You can add text, image and video in this type of segment

Heading 4 text styling

Heading 3 text Styling

Heading 2 text styling

This is a link


You can have text aligned left, right or center

You can find all available styling options under "Styles" drop down menu 

Content Segment

This is subheading of content segment

Content Segment

Here you can add text with and image. Image can be posiotioned on right or on left.

You can add numbered list. Numbered list can be added also to Rich-Text Segment

  1. Item number one in the list
  2. Item number two in the list
  3. Item number three in the list

This is Tabs Segment

This is Subheading of Tabs Segment

This is heading of first tab

In tabs you can add text, images or videos. You can upload different thumbnail image for each of the tabs. In first tab I have added video

This is heading of second tab

Here I added image and Link

This is heading of third tab