5 tips
for your scrambled eggs

Tip 1

"Be careful not to over-beat your eggs before scrambling. For a simple, creamy texture add cream or crème fraiche. But remember to make it full fat. Lower fat options contain water that will toughen the eggs."


Tip 2

It’s all about low and slow for a creamy texture. Cook over a medium-low heat to stop the eggs drying out.

Tip 3

Remember to wait until the end to season your eggs. If you season too early the salt will break down the eggs making them grey and watery.


Tip 4

"Try stirring a little Lurpak into your finished scrambled eggs for a richer taste. Serve on some buttery toasted sourdough for the perfect finish."

Tip 5

For the perfect serve, try grating Lurpak to soften before spreading on toast or bread.

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5 cooking tips for crowd pleasing scrambled eggs


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