Greatness forged from simplicity

The humble lemon, the tenderstem broccoli, simple tomato.

But bring them together with a little Lurpak Medium fat and true greatness can be forged.

So grab a board, pot, pan or tray, and discover the beauty of simplicity.

Choose your crucible...

...and forge your feast

Master simplicity with Lurpak Medium fat and a few natural ingredients.

Lurpak Medium fat

Lurpak Medium fat is made with just 4 ingredients (butter, water, salt and rapeseed oil). You can now enjoy the delicious taste of Lurpak® Butter and use it exactly as you would with any other butter, just with less fat.

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Mussels with garlic and parsley

Transform the unassuming mussel for dinner tonight with only 4 natural ingredients.

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