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Slicing Pasta Dough

There is a trick to slicing pasta. Fold and cut the dough on an even surface, so it doesn't stick to the knife.

Smashing Garlic

This insider #foodhack will make sure your garlic never tastes bitter.

Dice an Onion

Dice an onion quickly by keeping the head on to slice it precisely.

Make a Creamy Sauce

How to make your sauce incredibly creamy? Just mount with cool Lurpak® butter and mix it in.

Chopping Chicken Into 12

Chopping a whole chicken into 12 pieces is easy as 1, 2... 12 with this #foodhack.

Snapping Asparagus

Snap your way to the freshest parts of the asparagus with this #foodhack.


This flatfish #foodhack will make you the master of deboning. Get your knife ready. 


This #foodhack will help you fry flatfish perfectly with a golden finish. All you need is a very hot pan, and some bubbling Lurpak.


How to make a wonderfully deep Hollandaise sauce? Simply use this #foodhack and make sure you’re ready to get whipping, and you’re good to go.