Christmas is upon us.
It’s time to up spatulas, arm yourself with Lurpak and step forth.
To bring joy to your people through steaming sides and roasts to remember.
To baste and braise your way into their hearts. Sizzle, so they can savour.
Because Cooks make Christmas, and they make it from scratch.

All Eyes on You


Some of these aren’t easy. But when have you ever let that stop you?

Roast Pork recipe

What could be better than succulent roast pork, topped off with unbelievably crisp crackling? How about succulent pork, with a side of surprisingly zesty braised red cabbage?

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Turkey recipe

Inject some colour into your Christmas routine by adding an orange and cranberry glaze to the traditional turkey. Stuffed with herbs and lemon and smothered in Lurpak, this bird will be on their minds for many Christmases to come.

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Butter biscuits recipe

All butter, all flavour, these biscuits bring you pure indulgence this Christmas. Get creative and decorate them or simply dust with icing sugar – either way, these treats are seriously worth the wait.

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Come cook with us

Time to make christmas