Potato Crust Quiche

1h 30 min 8 servings

600g potatoes, peeled and grated

20g of LURPAK Butter, melted

2 small leeks

160g sliced mushrooms, approx. 2 cups

30g LURPAK Butter or Clarified Butter

4 eggs

100g yogurt or labneh

150g milk

75g Gruyere cheese, grated

Salt and pepper 


Potato Crust Quiche


Preheat the over 220C for the crust

  1. Start by removing as much water from the grated potatoes as possible by straining them through a cheesecloth.
  2. Then combine with the melted butter and a pinch of salt and pepper.
  3. In a greased pie dish press down the potato mixture to create a crust, then bake for until the edges become dark and the crust feels dry.
  4. Turn down the temperature to 180F for the final bake
  5. While the crust is baking, prepare the filling starting off by sautéing the leeks in the butter or clarified butter. Cook until soft and translucent then add the mushroom, and continue to cook both until the release their juices.  Allow the mixture to cool.
  6. Then whisk the eggs, yogurt/labneh and milk until smooth, then once cooled, mix in the mushroom and leek mixture and grated gruyere cheese

    Chef Tip * Don’t add the hot mushroom and leek mixture to the eggs so they don’t scramble.
  1. Fill the potato crust and bake until the filling is set.  

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