Sweet Pastry with Cheese
45 min 10 servings

500g of kunafa dough

150g of Lurpak Unsalted Butter

Lurpak Cooking Mist

600g of unsalted cheese (akkawi or mozzarella) 

5 to 6 drops of food coloring (orange)    



Heat the butter then put the kunafa on a tray and add to it the melted butter.

Mix the kunafa and the butter with your hands and add the rest of the butter and the food coloring on top of the kunafa.

Using a brush, add melted butter and food coloring to the tray. 

Put half the portion of the kunafa on the tray and press on it with your hands then add the cheese and press on it with your hands, continue doing the same thing till your kunafa is finished. 

Spray cooking mist on the kunafa and leave it for 30 min in the oven (170 degrees) 

To serve: Pour the sugar based syrup on it and sprinkle ground pistachios.   

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