What Lurpak is made of

Made from natural ingredients

We're all about good food. And cooking simply, with a few natural ingredients. Which is why we make Lurpak Spreadable with milk, rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt. Three natural ingredients with humble beginnings, that bring sublime results. So you never have to compromise on quality or taste, as you spread, dollop and battle your way to a kitchen victory, with Lurpak Spreadable by your side. Check out our recipes below:

Toasted Ciabatta


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Parsley Mash

How Lurpak butter is made

Made from 100% fresh milk

Now you know what we're made of, why not look at how we make our block butter. Join us on an adventure inside our dairy; the home of Lurpak, where 100% fresh milk is transformed using the simplest but most wondrous method to create the butter you know and love.

Made from 100% fresh milk with a pinch of salt