Lurpak® Masterclasses with Alexandro Papandreou

Lurpak® Masterclasses will be held in Nicosia once more this December! Our Favourite chef Alexandros Papadreou will be back, to share his unique cooking secrets in a special Christmas culinary event!
Take part in the contest Christmas Lurpak® Masterclasses and you could be one of the 20 lucky individuals who will attend the Masterclasses and learn the cooking secrets of the famous chef Alexandros Papandreou!
The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to enjoy a special culinary experience where they will be taught how to prepare a three-course meal from the famous Chef.

You can enter the draw by purchasing Lurpak® products using the ALPHAMEGA Social Family Card (valid only for specified periods).
Stay tuned to our pages for delicious recipes, screenshots, useful information and surprises from the Lurpak® Masterclasses with Alexander Papandreou
On Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of December the Christmas Lurpak® Masterclasses will be held in Nicosia with the famous Chef Alexandros Papandreou.
Lastly, check out these unique recipes Chef Alexander Papandreou has prepared for you - an extra gift from the chef to all our Lurpak®’s friends: